“He’s Really Just a Friend”

Picture this: You and a female companion have been spending a lot of time together. Although you didn’t foresee it happening, you are acquiring a strong interest in her that goes beyond your friendship. She seems to have the same interest in you that you have in her, but you’re still uncertain. You push pride aside and let her know that you want to become more than friends… She appears to be shocked and proceeds to explain why she thinks you two should remain friends. You’re disappointed, but I want you to know that you’re not alone. A plethora of men are picking up what remains of their heart after receiving disappointing news that a lady friend is uninterested in taking their friendship to another level. How could you have not noticed she wasn’t feelin’ you? It’s pretty difficult to understand the friendship-relationship boundary with women. We can invest time in you emotionally, but not physically. Or we can invest time in you physically, but not emotionally. Either way, if we’re not investing in you physically and emotionally, we’re not going to want to take the relationship much further. I must be clear in saying that you still may stand a chance.

Here are 3 ways to know if you are in the “friend zone”:

1. She doesn’t flirt back with you.

The moment you decide to make a suggestive comment and/or become more “touchy-feely” than usual, you need to watch her reaction. If she blows you off with an awkward giggle, grows silent, and/or becomes irate with you, she has placed you in the friend zone. If she flirts back with you and/or encourages you to flirt more, she may be interested in taking your friendship further.

2. She encourages you to date other women.

Women can be pretty territorial, especially when it comes to people we care about. If she is encouraging you to date other women, she has placed you in the friend zone. If you notice she becomes distant with you when you mention another woman, there’s a possibility that she wants to be with you.

3. She is consistently dressed ‘down’ in your presence.

If your lady friend is consistently dressed ‘down’ in your presence, more than likely she’s not interested in being with you, unless her fashion of choice is athletic gear and/or vintage t-shirts. Sex appeal is unique to each woman, so whatever her fashion preference, she’s sure to wear it in the presence of a man she’s interested in.

FABcredits: Ree "The (REE)lationship Guide"