Be a Better Friend in 8 Easy Steps

We've all suffered from bad friends and are all guilty of being a bad pal sometimes, too. If you've messed up and need to mend a friendship or are just trying to strengthen the bond with your BFF, read our 8 tips on being a better friend.

Love Yourself First

Don’t we hear this when it comes to all relationship advice? It’s because it’s true. You can’t expect someone to love you, as a friend or more, when you don’t love yourself. If you’ve got bad habits, fix them. If you’re just suffering from low self-esteem, practice self-confidence, because no one friend will want to attend your pity parties for long.

Pick the Right Friends

Part of being a good friend, is making sure your friends will treat you well in return. Pick friends who complement your lifestyle, but don’t drop a friend just because of different interests. Most importantly, choose friends who have treated you well, because you will try that much harder to protect and honor that friendship.

Make Time

This is of utmost importance! Too many times do we allow acquaintances to remain just that because we don’t make time for plans. Another big mistake is allowing your relationship with your boyfriend to take over your entire schedule. We’ve all been guilty of that one, and know what it’s like to be on the other side, when your BFF disappears for weeks with her boy. Don’t let it happen by prioritizing your time with gal pals.

Be Proactive

Another aspect of making time for your buddies is being proactive about it. Don’t expect them to make all the plans while you simply make room in your schedule. Take the initiative to plan girl’s nights and even plans as simple as hitting the gym together.
Follow the Golden Rule
Part of being a good friend, and good person in general, is treating others how you’d like to be treated. This is especially important when it comes to friends. You wouldn’t want someone canceling plans last minute because her guy decided they should hang out, so don’t do it to her.

Remember the Little Things

While you might not see your BFF on the daily, remember to do little things that show your appreciation. Share with her a hilarious GIF that reminded you of her, remember to ask her how that stressful work meeting went. These little things remind her she’s got a friend in you, for sure.

Be Understanding

A necessary part of being a good friend is to be understanding. We all make mistakes, so don’t hold the little things over your friend’s head and forgive her. In addition, if she’s going through a rough time, make sure you’re there for her. Even if you can’t come up with the right things to say, just being there for your friend lets her know you care.

Be Loyal

Loyalty is essential for a strong, lasting friendship. It’s as simple as having your gals back. Sure, she might get on your nerves sometimes, but vent to your boyfriend or sister, because they’ll understand it’s not an attack on her. Do not, I repeat, do not talk trash about her behind her back. One, she will find out which will be awkward for everyone involved, and two, it’s just bad friend etiquette.
How do you maintain your friendships? Let us know in the comments what you think makes a good friend!