People will always have something to say about you…

One of my early lessons in life was, “doesn’t matter what you do, people will always have something to say”. Beginning from the type of education you have been exposed to, grades in exams, financial and social situation of your family, income, success and/or failures, behavior, and then when they don’t get anything concrete to comment on or criticize or give opinion on, they begin to discuss about your dresses, food that you eat, way you walk and talk etc. More often their thoughts come across in the form of opinions exposing their fears and sense of insecurity. Criticism and sarcasm is filled with jealousy, unwanted and vague advices to distract you and to stop you to continue the journey, and further is created gossip.

Having learned my lesson over the period of time, now, I have reached a stage in my life where opinions of people don’t really matter to me. I can pick what I consider worth having, and not what people want me to have and ignore the balance. At this stage of my life, appreciation does not make me leave my ground and begin to fly and at the same time criticism does not affect my self-esteem or dig me deep into the earth. I and only I know what I did, why I did and how I did. I am accountable and responsible for my choices and actions. People can only see the end-result.

Until next time... Peace, Love and FABness